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Wellness Rocks is a licensed channel partner of Listeners On Call. Wellness Rocks provides subject matter expertise, guidance and general support to Listeners On Call subscribers and sponsors in a variety of verticals including veterinary (medicine and education), pet (nutrition, insurance, consumer goods), agriculture, municipalities, and other selected consumer goods segments.

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Millions of people need someone to talk to. Empathy and personal connection are some of the most powerful tools for improving mental well-being. Licensed therapy is more than many people need, and comes with some difficult barriers, including cost, inconvenience, and social stigmas.

Wellness Rocks was created to assist the Listeners On Call team in introducing and optimizing the LOC experience across several industries and consumer segments. First among these are the fields of veterinary medicine and veterinary education.

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A Listeners On Call
Licensed Channel Partner

Listeners On Call promotes mental health and well-being by connecting Callers to trained Listeners — anonymously with trained Listeners who can relate based on shared experiences. Callers can choose to connect with Listeners they feel compatible with based on topics such as workplace or college stress, needing to vent, social isolation, financial challenges, and grief and loss, among others.

Listeners On Call believes everyone deserves to be heard. The service is designed for times when someone needs a sounding board, confidante or friendly ear to share what’s on their mind. The Listeners in the LOC network are trained only to provide support and do not provide any form of clinical counseling, coaching, care or diagnosis. The Listeners offer personal empathy and perspective, an incredibly valuable experience for those who need and want to share.

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100% anonymous.

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All pets and their family deserve the most compassionate and supportive end of life experience.

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